Laptop hinge problems.

Laptop screen hinges are one of the most delicate parts on your Laptop. Without the hinge in place, a laptop is physically screwed. Hinges are usually attached to the computer’s frame via machine screws.They make a laptop’s frame complete.  Laptop hinges are not indestructible, but their coverings and trim may show wear long before the hinges are actually in any danger of failure.

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Hinges can also be damaged when the computer is picked up by its lid, dropped from various heights or opened beyond the angle at which it should stop. In these situations, damage to the hinges may be of secondary concern, as component damage and data loss might have occurred. Depending on the amount of damage and warranty status, the computer may require complete replacement.


What problems occur when a laptop’s hinge is broken?

Because they are mechanical devices, they move, and they support a fair amount of weight, so when hinge[s] get broken, damage to other parts of your laptop sets in. Not only will you not be able  to adjust the laptop’s screen the way you can when the hinge is still in place, it will either try to close shut or open as much as it can. It won’t hang in between and if it’s not fixed on time, higher chances of screen damage or panel damage may occur.

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What to do if the hinges gets broken?

Okay, you’re opening your laptop and you find your the hinges broken. First thing to do is STOP! Do not attempt to open up your screen. There are all kinds of tiny wires that are housed right around your Laptop screen hinges assembly. These delicate cables can get ripped apart easily, increasing the cost of the repair. This could make the difference between a simple repair and having to buy new parts.


A broken laptop hinge can render a laptop useless. Prevention is Key! Here’s some guidelines to prevent damaging your laptop screen hinges.

1. Use both hands when opening your screen: If you do have to use one hand, make sure you place your hand in the MIDDLE of the screen. By obeying this one simple rule, your screen hinges and screen support assembly will last much longer.  Some high spec laptops have a latch on the screen lid. If yours does, be sure the latch on the front is released BEFORE you try and open your screen. It is very easy to bend your screen housing, or worse, break your laptop’s screen or screen hinges.




2.Get a good carrying case : Whether you’re off to the coffee shop or utilizing an overhead bin on an airplane, sleeves and cases are a convenient and easy way to protect your laptop. Especially one with a decent suspension. Get a case with a back that has a suspended inner section if possible. This will keep your laptop from coming into contact with the ground.

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3.Keep your laptop away from the edge!: The edge of the table, the edge of the seat of your car, the edge of your desk. It’s just another simple rule that can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs or parts replacement. Most hinge and screen frame damage is caused by drops,many of which could have been avoided if we all simply keep our laptop from the edge of whatever we set it on.

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4. Get a laptop sleeve: If you carry your laptop around a lot, get yourself a “sleeve” made of silicon, leather or other material that will help keep your laptop from slipping out of your slippery fingers. You’ll definitely want a sleeve because it’s very easy for a laptop to slip off your hands especially when you don’t have a firm grip of it. You may be able to find one for other brands on eBay or Amazon.



There, you have it! simple ways to have prevent your laptop’s hinges. Always remember, your laptop’s condition says a lot about its user.

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