With the introduction of 5G, we’re definitely going on a whirlwind with internet connectivity, on laptops, phones, tablets etc. You might wonder what it means, how does it work and why you should be bothered about it? Well, this article gives the answers to your questions and lots more. 5G is short for ‘fifth generation mobile networks and are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. A little historical background demonstrates the context of 5G. First-generation networks were introduced back in the 1980s – they were analogue and only carriedRead More →

There’s nothing more disappointing than being in a classroom, a meeting or making that superb presentation and alas! you get that low battery signal on your screen. While plenty of laptops don’t have removable batteries, yours may not fall into that category, so swapping the empty one out for a fully charged spare might save your day. But what about those that aren’t so lucky? What is the way out when faced with such challenge? Laptop batteries are made from lithium-ion batteries that have an average of 600 charge cycles and will work optimally for about four to five years without a drastic depreciation onRead More →