The Quick Guide To Your Laptop: Understanding What’s Inside Your Laptop We start with the question, “What even is RAM? And how much do I need?” This is an understandably justifiable question when you are in search of a new laptop. All these numbers are thrown in your face. You have a vague idea that the larger the number, the better it is. But, how much is enough for what you do? And which ones are actually relevant to your needs? This article is here for the average consumer* to guide you through your search for a new laptop.   CPU/PROCESSOR [Unit measure: GHz] [Common brands: Intel,Read More →

WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS OF BUYING SECOND-HAND LAPTOPS? Buying a laptop that’s anything other than new, has developed some social stigma over time. We dispose of laptops like phones. 24 months and out. As if they can’t be ‘revived’. I’m here to tell you that, that’s wrong, with specialist clean up and reboot, conditions can be restored to near-new working conditions. All of which allows for them to be competitively good, but cheaper than new laptops. It’s not all roses though, one must be careful in the second-hand market, and we have just the guide to take you your next portable computer. What’sRead More →